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Spare Tyre

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I was spraying my hubs today, with a lovely quick silver...look great now... however my question is...I found a small key, in the spare wheel compartment?? Is this there for a reasons???? surly not...it wasn't fixed to anything...just there in the spare wheel housing

anyone else have this??!?!?

Oh, and the car was new when I got it...so it's not like it's been dropped by a previous owner.



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I guess that's a no???!?! I thought it may have been for the alarm...as it's that kind of key...my last motor had a key to switch off the alarm sounder.

I darn't throw it away in case it's important...sure could go to the dealer and ask...but I'd feel like a right ijjiot when they tell me it's nothing to do with the car...which is what I suspect!

C'mon I just need a few....no idea mate's to make me happy!

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