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Just Bought A Supra Tt


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It's a '93 silver RZ in completely standard condition and it's only done 36k kms from new! Honestly it feels like a new car!

you look under the bonnet and the 2JZ-GTE beast looks brand new. There are no rattles at all when you drive it - can't really believe it's 10 years old!

It comes with a 12 month parts and labour warranty which is good for peace of mind. I was thinking about having an AA inspection done - but i guess if it's under warranty, has the auction sheet, jap cert of deregistration, SVA and MOT it should be okay - thoughts anyone?

So now I will have to start looking at some howge alloys! Oh and body kits.

Has any kind person done a chart to work out size of wheel, width of wheel, profile, offset etc?

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Supra Girl will be a long at some point and am sure she can point you in the right direction for bodykit's, alloy sizing etc and any other infomration you need to know.

Sounds like a beauty, any chance of some photo's ? Oh and are you coming to JAE ???

Sounds superb...

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Hello rhaines - I think I know you from the LOC site - I am hiding here under an alter ego coz they all hate me since I changed my IS200 for a M3 Evo 3 months ago!!!! :ph34r:

But now I've seen the light and gone Jap again I might get brave and ask you to change my handle back soon!!! :unsure:

I haven't got any pics yet - soon.

Funnily enough I think I'm still signed up to go to JAE with the LOC! Perhaps I could come with you guys....?

PS can I transfer my gold membership...?! :D :P

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plenty of room for JAE and of course you'ld be more than welcome, would be great to have a look around the beast in the flesh and always good to put names to faces...

What was your old nick, Im not sure we can change names but will find out now for you...

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