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What To Look For When Test Driving?

Billy C

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I'm going on a test drive this wednesday and I just want some sort of list of what to look for when driving the car and also looking around it. Just the usual syptoms of MR2's and the Turbo etc.

Also any links please.

Will be test driving both N/A and Turbo.

Thanks :thumbsup:


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Same as most normal cars, check it isn't warm when you arrive, if so.. why ? check the cross mount struts (behind the passenger compartment either side bottom of engine bay) and just give it a good drive, let the engine warm up before giving it some welly...

If you get the chance get a stright road and try floor it then brake hard check it doesn't pull to either side when doing either, on a turbo check your hitting full boost (dial in centre of display) and see how it feels, if you drive a couple you'll get a good feel for what they should be like and be able to compare.

If your getting a full AA check they're normally very good at spotting any possible niggles.

Check when the cambelt was last done (should be every 60k) and obviously check for service history....

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Had my first test drive of an MR2 Turbo.

The car was in pristine condition and the interior was spot on. Had traction control cruise control as well.

Sadly the car didn't run to well :(

After driving it for 5 mins or so on full throttle the car started to hesitate when boosting and was basically not driving properly.

Don't know what is it but anyone has any good idea what it could be please advise as it is in VGC.



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it'll be the fuel, turbos simply cannot run on anything other than optimax, failing that it's the igntion system (plugs, lead, dizzy).

but as you say it started hesitating after 5 mins then it is pretty much guaranteed to be low grade fuel - unleaded or super unleaded. mine used to do the same thing.

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