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Ep71 Starlet Turbo


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I am looking at buying a ep71 starlet turbo as a first car

How reliable are these starlets as a performance car and as a every day driver?

How much would you expaect to pay for a Starlet Turbo ?

I have found 1 but it needs a new starter motor are these easy to find in sydney?

Does these model have any know manufacturing problems?

and being 17 will insurance be too expensive to even consider this model

does anybody know of any web sites i can find pictures of ep71 starlets

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They are good little cars all round. You really need to invest in some good quality lowering springs and a decent set of shocks as they are not all that wonderful around corners untill you've lowered them. Engine wise they're pretty good and I've found them to be very reliable. Being a older car Rust plays a big part in the purchase price. They usually go under the windscreen and at the bottom of the A pillar. Starter motors are easy to find, you just need to replace it with and 2e (thats the engine type) starter motor, I'm not sure but I'd say any E series starter would also fit.

As for pics, Ive got a couple. Email me.

Here's pics of my two EP71's





I don't think there is many of them around in Australia so if the price is ok I'd buy it.



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