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Radio Troubles

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Hello All,

I recently bought a '91 Previa. It already had the factory fit radio removed and the previous owner had attempted to fit another radio and given up, but not before cutting off all the plugs to leave bare wires. I've managed to wire up to an ISO block ready for a new unit but my problem is as follows. During the wiring I managed to blow the radio fuse :crybaby: .

No problem, replaced and all O.K.

However there was another side effect, I no longer have a 'constant live feed'.

The constant live for the radio also shares the power with the interior lights,clock and ,worst of all, the central locking, so I've lost them as well.

I've checked every fuse in the board and they're all OK. I've also checked the only 'breaker' on the board and that's good too. Is there a second set of fuses or breakers somewhere that I could check? I've tried to get hold of a Haynes manual but my local Halfords doesn't seem to stock them <_< .

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Drynet. :help:

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