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1989 Corolla 4a-f Good Car?


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Hello everyone, am i ever glad to find this forum. Got a couple questions for the toyota Gurus out there. I have available to me a 1989 Toyota Corolla 4 door sedan, with the 4A-F engine and a 3 speed auto tranny. I can get this car for free, but it needs a motor. I have found a motor for dirt cheap, but i am concerned about this cars reliability with it being carburated. I was origianally looking for a 1990 or newer car with the 4A-FE engine. Can anyone here comment on the this year of car or the fuel system?

Also this thing has a a 3 speed automatic in it. What are they like on the highway with the 3 speed auto, are they reving way up there?

Thanks in advance for any replies i get.

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I´ve got an AE92 wich was 4A-F fitted in 1989. The Engine runs very good, even it got only 90HP (European PS). It is not slower than a 4A-FE Engine in same car wich has 105Hp.

The Engine´s got 236000KM an there was no Problem with it...

Greets Alex

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