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okay... yes i need to do alot of reading... but i am looking and i still need help... please look past the urge to get mad at me for asking for help...and share if you know anything...

I just started SCCA racing... while there I saw this ungodly quick seR... it was un-real... I must admit

I am a camaro guy, and really had no idea a sentra go so quick... I rented a white neon from enterprise and ran it... so I am hooked!...

after seeing this SER, i went to the dude's web site and found out it was turbo modded.


the car goes 12.80 # 110mpg in the 1/4 so

I was convinced turbo is something i wan to try! my last car was a LS1 Camaro SS ... stomping fast... at 13.6 @ 106mph but it would not touch the SER turbo...in the straits or the curves! so... I went looking for something...

I was at the at an auto auction Friday night...saw a few 93 ish sentra's... all auto's and none


then rolled in a beautiful (too me) 1987 toyota Supra Turbo.... and I bought it!

the body is great...interior is pretty decent... and it runs smooth...

but it was leaking water like crazy... so I could not drive it home...I went back Saturday thinking I had

to put a new water pump on it... and then realized it was a small 4" long by pass hose... a quick trip

to advance and I was on my way home with the car... I could hear spark zapping the intake so I knew

and it started running worse and worse on the way home...I knew my first job would be plugs and wires...

it was leaking a lot of oil from the valve cover gaskets... so I got those

too.... on the way home... it nearly caught on fire...the muffler had a hole in that heated up the trunk and started

melting some old weather stripping...and it filled the car with smoke... a quick stop and a muffler across the

guard rail and I was back on my way...

I have now swapped the valve cover gaskets and plugs... and found out a lot of the rubber hoses and gotten

so brittle they broke as tried to remove them...

why am I going on like this? uhmmm I want to get this car in the 12's... and I would love to hear your thoughts

on how to make it quick... again.. I know nothing about turbos...and I don't know if there are any free mods

or anything...

like... do I need the cats? I was about to gut the exhaust.. and then I got worried about back pressure...does the turbo need it?

dudes any help would be great...


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