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Practical Questions Of New Cts Owner


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Your experience on the following may be useful to myself and other new CTS owners:

1) When the fuel warning light comes on, how much gasoline has been left?

My experience suggests 10-14 lt.

2) After how many km did you change engine oil for first time? Dealer's suggestion is 7500 km but shouldn't we change oil after the break-in 2000Km ?

3) The Corolla operation manual suggests to check frequently the oil level. Is it really needed in CTS, have you noticed the need to add some oil before the next oil change?


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I have owned CTS for two weeks now and I am very pleased with it B)

1) First time when the fuel warning light came on I filled the tank and 40 litres was what I managed to put in. So I think that 15 litres is left when the light comes on.

2) Here in Finland the suggestion is to have the first oil change in 1000-3000 km (voluntary). Then the first required maintenance is 15000 km.

3) Why shouldn´t you look the oil level, it doesn´t harm anything :)

Enjoy your CTS! :thumbsup:


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The 2zzge uses (F1 tecnology) oil showers on the camsafts when in hi-cam mode, and uses piston oil sqwirts full time. So like any performance engine it's dependant on oil for lubricating all hi-rpm moving parts, also to push the locking pin to locked state for hi-speed-cam setting. So changing the oil more often than not is very important to the life \ performance of the engine.



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