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Who'll Insure A 21 Year Old On A Gt4?


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Hi all, i've been looking at getting a gt4 for a while but am having problems getting insurance quotes. It'll most likely be a JDM market car '94-'96.

I was just wondering if there is anyone of a similar age who has a GT4 and where they got insurance from?



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This year Adrian Flux want £950 for my insurance on my 1995 GT4 WRC. I was honest about all the mods too. Im only just 21 and have 2 years no claims.

Gotta love the flux.

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Adrian Flux should do it mate :thumbsup: depends if you want to do it fullcomp or not I got a quote on a 10k gt4 for £1750 a year :eek: but that was last year :lol::lol: they do my car now so I like them lots :lol::lol:

U could allways try tesco mate, I have heard some bad things about them but they just insured my mate on a scooby turbo 2000 for under 2k fullycomp so they cant be that bad :thumbsup:

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mines up for renual too........but think i a little out the main league here....

36 years young

full no claims discount

and proffesional driver (in the eyes of insurance companies...it actualy means nowt)

1985 supra MKII

full comp

protected no claims

all mods declaired (not many, filters etc)


with Sainsbury's

sorry if that upset anybody eh im an old :censor: what can i say, age has its advantages :thumbsup:

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I've been looking at quotes seens as I'm in the market for a celica ST205, and I've found DirectLine to be really good, they insure imports, and have been the cheapest on my Honda Prelude import, and they only want £20 for a GT4 (so that's £670 Fully Comp) and I'm 23!

Give em a shot, but do it online!!

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I've found the on-line quotes are very in-accurate, be careful!

Can't believe your insurance quotes are so low for the Celicas, maybe mine will come down this year <_<

23, 1 year NCB - nearly £700 Third Party...

Seo's are only group 8 insurance :(

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