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2003 Corolla A/c Problem...

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My A/C stops blowing cold after an hours driving time....freezing up. The dealer called it a 'harness' (?) problem and that the parts have to come from Japan and it will take 3 months!?! He also said some 300 or more Corolla's have the same problem? Sounds like a recall situation to me! Any of you hear of this?


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I've noticed mine isn't as cold as i first got it :unsure:

and i always had a strange smell emitting from the ventilation, but never sure where it comes from.

I'm considering getting the A/C and change all the filters with it, but if i remember the price i got quoted from my Toyota grage, it was something like £150

but the car is less than a year old, is it suppose to do this??? :unsure::unsure:

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Assuming you're in UK, support Gaz's initiative (see the AutoExpress thread below) and email the guy at


and tell him about it...dont let Toyota get off lightly !!!

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The Yanks have got the same problem...Just checked out the American "Defects/Solutions" Forum at www.2003Corolla.org, and this was posted a couple of weeks back....

"My car is almost a year old now. I got it last Sep, so I didn't use the the air conditioner a lot. I have noticed my problem about 1 month ago. I seldom take road trips. For the first road trip, the A/C went dead after 2 hours of continous driving (95F outside). There is just no air flow thru the vent even I crank up the the air volume. yesterday, about 90F, same problem happend. After 1.5hrs of drving, the AC just stopped working.

Anyone has this problem? should I take it to the dealer?"

I'll bet it's yet another Corolla cost cutting measure gone seriously wrong, along with all the other design faults discussed previously on this forum..

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My car a Tspirit has the same smell when you turn the A/C off the air smells for a while. I too have noticed the cold air warms up after a period of use. I don't think i could add any more problems to an already growing list!

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Hi, don't know if anyone is still reading this post, but I know what the problem is. I experienced it within the first 1000 miles on my move up to college. The problem is a resistor that has a bad value on the control board. After a certain time, it shuts the a/c off to prevent overheating or something, even though it's not even close. Just go in, it's uner a service bulletin..so they'll replace it for free, since then, drive home from college, the a/c works fine. PS, this is about a 2003 Corolla CE personally, but see if it applies to you, adios!

Evan :thumbsup:

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