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Blue Reverse Bulbs...


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Here's the deal,

A few people may have notice the Blue Reverse Bulb in my car over the weekend, these are being snapped up like hot cakes over on the LOC forum and I am organising a GB for both forums, prices will differ between Gold and non-Gold members.

During the day they look like....


When they're on they look like.....


And at night they look like....


Simple comparison....


They are a lot brighter than your normal reverse light and would suit any car with a clear lense behind the reverse area.

These bulbs are being sold as a pair, for non-Gold members they will cost £12.

If you are interested please add to this list, if your a Gold Member please add your name to the list in the Gold Section. This will be an ongoing Group buy but to get it up and runnig we need as many people as possible to sign up to theose who have already purchased.

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The only law is you can't have blue or red lights shown on the front of a vehicle unless it is emergancy / recovery. You'd be surpirised at what / who is included in that list.

So yes, they are legal. They don't look too bad either. What would they look like on a Ferrari replica MR2? Sorry, couldn't resist. :rolleyes:

How many watts are they? Might wack some on the Scoob.

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