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Newbee Questioning Power Steering Juice


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Mornin' Everyone! :)

Another new-boy here. Have recently got myself a Rev2 Turbo B) - lovin' it!

:help: Can anyone out there give me any advice on the Power Steering Fluid I need to get hold of to fill up the resevoir?

Presume it should be Toyota specific? :unsure: If not, what else can be used? (can different juices be mixed - not sure of what is curently in the system - resevoir really needs something in it ASAP). Is any buyable from the likes of Halfords? Also, if it is Toyota-only stuff - are there different kinds and which one do I need? Is it likely to be more than £58.75 a bottle :lol:

I've recently noticed a few Turbos knocking around the North-West Riviera (Blackpool) - Any of you guys likely to be one of 'em? (couple in black, one bright yellow and the other was a purpley-blue).

Muchos Grassyarsss for the help :thumbsup:


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