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Rev Limiter And Other Questions

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About a month ago I bought my first Japanese Car, a 6th Gen Import Celica. I love it, it's the most enjoyable car I've ever driven. From what I've read on this and other forums there isn't much you can do to improve performance except induction and exhausts.

I discovered the other day that at 5000rpm in fifth the engine dies back, so I'm guessing there is some sort of rev-limiter on it, is there anyway to remove this and is that a bad idea?

My other questions are:

• What is the red tube clipped in the passenger footwell, it looks like a flare?!?

• Can anyone recommend a company that could retrim my interior?

• I am in need of a Cat 1 alarm for insurance reasons, any recommendations?

• How do I make the rubber rings around the headlights stay in place?

• How difficult is it to replace the stereo as it looks totally enclosed (I have the factory fitted CD/Tape/Radio)

• How hard is it to wire the rear fog lights in to the steering wheel foglight switch?

• Can someone suggest a good audio set up as I had a sub in my previous car and I'm missing the bass?

Thanks in advance,


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stick the headlight rubber seals in with clear silicone !! no more problems!!

perhaps take off or move the centre console to gain access to the stereo (just lift at the back of the plastic gear surround then wiggle out backwards out of clips to gain access to screws holding in centre console)

hope this helps ! im sure someone will help with the rest of your problems :thumbsup:

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Dave is right.

You have all the classic first improvements needed to be made for a fresh import. I did all of what you've listed within 6 months and now the last thing I'm on is to build a customized boot with my 2X12" subs.


Yes that is flair. Don't kick it! :s Only kidding. It doesn't go off easily. Just pull it out sideways and look at the pictures and the Jap instructions.

Retrim the interior? What’s exactly wrong with it? I simply replaced a few screws, re glued some fabric padding, sprayed the interior and it looks great. Or you can look at some breaking on eBay. Much cheaper.

Alarm. Well I got a no name one from fighter with remote ignition and all the other bits and tricks for £20 and it's amazingly great.

Headlights. Well David was spot on.

As for the stereo you're lucky you have the original because it means you have the fittings inside. I had a hard time finding it.

Unscrew the Gear knob. Hold the back rim of at the bottom of your gear stick and tug the console upwards. It should pop up easily. When lifted at a 45 deg angle pill it towards your chest and it will pop out completely. Be careful the wires attached to the lighter. Simply turn the plug half turn any directions and the LED will pop out. The other 2 wires are the power leads. Simply unclip and pop.

That's the 1st half of the console. Now you'll uncover 2 screws. Unscrew them and pop the rest of the center console out. Locking points are one on each side of the stereo and 2 at the top rim above the vents. They all pop off easily. Don't pull too far out because attached are some wires. Make sure you unclip the clock and hazard button. From there you can see the metal frame around the stereo. Unscrew, replace stereo and put the face back on. Enjoy.

Fog lights... no idea. Had a mate do it for me.

Subs... Well I'm on that stage. I'll show you when I'm done. I've got a jig saw. Cordless drill. 19mm MDS and thick felt carpet. Now I just need to book a holiday from work. :D

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Thanks for the quick replies :thumbsup:

Wow, I can't believe they put flares in cars! :eek:

There's nothing wrong with the interior really except a rip in the side of the drivers seat from the previous owner getting in and out. It's an aesthetic thing though, I would like the entire thing retrimmed in two-tone blue and black fabric (not leather) because I'm replacing all the LEDs in the console with blue ones, I'm planning to get a custom blue dial cluster from and the stereo I'm fitting has blue illumination.

I have to fit a CAT 1 alarm for my insurance, I've always been told they were a nightmare to fit. I've been quoted £300 all in for a guy to come to my house and fit a MAXX1 Avital alarm with window closure, does that sound steep?

2 12" subs will seriously kick, I had one 12" in my previous car but I'm enjoying having boot space in the celica so I was looking for a set of tweeters, mids and bassier Speakers in the back that would be good enough without a seperate sub.

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