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White Dials


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Hi everyone, little question if anyone can help.

Does anyone know where i can get white dials for an st205?

Lockwood do white dials for the at200 and st202 but these arent any good because:

a. they only go up to 120 or 140 (i need them to go up to 180)

b. because they arent for the gt4 they dont have a cut for the boost guage

& c. Who wants dials that say lockwood on them anyhow? :lol:

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be wicked.

Thanks guys :thumbsup:

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Whassup dude.

I was after some for my GT but no-one makes them. If they do - no-one seems to know.

I've seen the Lockwood ones, but can't remember if they fit the GT$ with boost gauge....... :wacko:

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Yup, they look fantastic, but none for my GT. :help:

Are you sure?

If i remember my GT went up to 180? and without the boost guage those look spot on for you.

Still they got the right speed for me but the non exisitance of a boost guage version is a problem.

Thanks anyway


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