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Swift 1.6 Vs T-sport What Do U Thing?

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Well.. my t-sport is 2.5 years old (15000 km) and its time for a change..

i was looking bout the suzuki swift 1.6 .. looks sweet .. nice data (8.9 0-60) but.. its not a toyota..

mr2 or any other sporty one by toyota just costs too much..

the only t-sport we got here is the yaris.. well..had here.. no more..

and the new t-sport will be a price hog..

so.. what do u think?

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I've only heard good things about the new Swift GTi, worth looking in to

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Yeah, i too think it's worth looking into!

I had an old swift Gti twin cam a few years ago, after my heavily modded XR2i & they were both right little

pocket rockets, both quite similar in performance to the Yaris t-Sport (but the 2i had few problemo's). I still

have the odd argument about which of the 3 is quicker!!! I now prefer my T-Sport by far, but it's a far newer

car than the others where (so i might be bias).

As long as you stay Jap, i thinks it's just down to personel preferance!

P.S. This is Blue TS logged in as Grey TS. (forgot my password cause im stupid).

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driven and sparred with an old swift gti.

quarter miled too, both modified, belongs to a mate of mine. off the line the t sport is stronger all the way up to about 60ish then the swift comes and comes and comes!

i think the old swift has more use for higher revs as all the yaris' power comes early on.

why dont you try and get an EK9 where you are? ultimate hot hatch :P

if you get the new swift its kinda the same performance as the yaris so it wouldnt really feel like a change dont you think?

not meaning speed is everything cos there are people who like having new things :)

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