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Climate Control

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We have a 2003 Toyota Avensis T3-S and one of our family recently passed in a crash in a 2005 T3-X. They left the car to my sister who said as its worth nul we can have some parts.

We've added the carbon effect trin and the tilt headrests to our T3-S but I am wondering if we can use the climate control unit? Knowing toyota parts are pretty verrsatile and i am wondering if the connnections for manual unit are same as on the climate control unit, i know i wont be able to use dual but can i add the unit?

All the Best


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Hi Tom

It is not possible that the control unit from climate control will fit straight into an ordinary manual a/c car. The reasons are, that in a manual a/c you switch it on and it works, you get temperature control. In climate control, the cabin temp. is monitored, the a/c evaporator temp. is monitored, the heater radiator temp. is monitored and the output air temp. is monitored. The auto system will maintain a specific temp. on demand by monitoring cabin temp and adjusting things accordingly. The manual system relies on the driver to adjust the temp. to a comfortable level. The manual system will not have the sensors in place to do the monitoring and will just keep posting fault codes, as it can not find the relevant sensors.

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