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Turboz Mr2!


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After many months of careful consideration, I have agreed to the installation of a huge TurboZ block onto my 3S-GE engine. I decided not to follow any advice given by regulars on any of the forums as I had heard so many conflicting reports on this mod in the past. I eventually just bit the bullet on the head and last week Friday dropped my car off at a small independent garage in Northampton. These guys were brilliant! They work really quickly and efficient and were able to drop my car off within a couple of days.

I am slightly concerned about a few things - I can't seem to see a proper boost gauge anywhere!!! What it looks like they have done is just stuck a sticker over the Battery gauge that just states on/off. Also every time the turbo engages I hear this awful shaking/crunching sound from the engine bay, The guys at the garage reassure me that it's only a new type (sounding) dump-valve letting some steam off... But it doesn't sound like any dump valve I heard before

Apart from those two queries, I am totally pleased with the install. It even looks the part: bright orange (powdercoated) and silver!!!

I have attached some pictures, let me know what you think.


Garrick (System-G)



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You kept that mod quiet matey, how much quicker does the car feel, did it cost a lot :)

Not sure about the photo's though although I would trust that turbo conversion as much as the other Turbo conversion on the forum at the minute, and it's probably safer too....


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