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87 GTS

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Ok i own a 87 Celica GTS with a 3s-ge rebuilt motor in it. I rebuilt it myself and it ran great for 3500kms/2000miles. Until yesterday everything ran smoothly and then i started having a low idle, so i drove it home with it stalling on me a few times, i popped the hood and in my air hose there was a big hole. I patched it up with duct tape and it ran perfect again. I was on my way to my friends cuz we where going to work on my car after i went out and bought a new hose, and then install a sub box. when i pulled up to his house my idle went from 3k to nothing for no reason, i tried to start it up again but it wouldn't, my friend suggested i ran out of gas so we took his ranger to the gas station to get some gas, came back and put it in but still it would start and then stall. i popped my hood again and it looked like the idle cord and come a little lose and was not holding the throttle body in the right possition to idle at the 700 rpm my manual said it should. After fixing the problem and haveing my idle at a solid 900 rpm, it worked great. Everytime i started it up it worked fine but when i went to drive it it started good, then i put it into second and got up to 3000 rpm and it started jumping around the road and sounding like it was missfireing. The only thinki can think of is that i need a new ignition, because it sounds like it is missfireing. The problem is i owe 6k on the car already and i dont want to put anymore into it. I'm hoping this is a quick problem and i can fix it easily, but if i need a new ignition i'm screwed. I was hopeing someone could give me some help and tell me what the problem probubly is. If so, thanks alot!

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Has the engine got EFI?, i assume it has if its a 3s-ge regardless of the age.

I guess this is obvious but if so you should just be able to reset the ECU and after time it should compensate for any timing/throttle issues i would expect.

Have you checked to make sure you havent got a dodgy spark plug or a bad ignition lead? Checked the injectors? If you say you had a hole at one point it could be that one of the injectors or one of the valves has **** in it.

Good luck though man :hokus-pokus:

By the way, have you given it plenty of rev in neutral yet? Sit in your driveway and rev it up high and see if you still get the timing issue. Maybe if you have got a clogged valve/injector this may clean it out.

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Lol i feel like an idiot but i figured it out. Last night i was trying to fix it in the dark and i couldn't see nothing, so today i woke up and went to my friends house where i left it and made it home, but it wasn't a pretty ride, i stalled 3 times and never got past 2k rpms. pulled into my driveway and popped the hood thinking i'm going to get a knew cable for my throttle body, i had my gf over to give me a ride to the dealership cuz they had one. Then i notice theres a hissing sound when the car is turned over, so i look at the hose that is connected from the airbox to the throttle body and it looks fine, so i look underneath and theres a hole blown right through the bottom. For some reason i guess there was too much pressure, i actually dont have an explenation for it except there was a ****ty hose. Anyways the computer was telling hte ecu that the engine wasn't getting enough air it wasn't pumping any fuel into the mix and therefor the engine jumped and gave me a ****ty ride. I fixed that and then i had to re ajust my idle. Thank god it wasn't anything big cuz i would be screwed. Thanks alot for your help though, i got some questions about custom cold air intakes and anyone who reads this i would appreciate going to the celica performance area and telling me what they think

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