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What Have You Guys Done To The Forum...


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you used to post on average enough times to represent a small african country ryan!!

when the threads start to get more interesting, there'll be more posts :)

small african country, you guys used to say I posted enough to cater for most of the scam mails coming from nigeria, must try harder when i come back online properly...

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ok, as i have just come form the pulsar forum to toyota's because i have now got a toyota not a nissan, the nissan forums seems to have alot mroe activity in it, that why my reccomendation about a regional section to this site would be good, because if people come from the same places, they can meet n cruise. i have been apart of the pulsar site for about a yr now, but i have recently sold my car.

http://pulsar.org.au<- if u wanna chec k it out its prety cool and alot of friendly people here.

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OK I've only been out of action a couple of days and no I don't post here much at the moment but come on guys could you keep the post count up a little bit, looks like TOC has turned into a mortuary !!!

Whats going on ???

Reasons for low post rate are; great weather, great car and the summer off :afro:

:fishyface: Sorry just saw this and laughed

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