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Brake Pad Replacement ?

MR2 Todd

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Hello everyone...I'm new to the board...and a recent purchaser of a 94 MR2 Turbo.

The car needed brake pads...so I obtained some from my local parts store.

I started with the rear brakes...and although I was able to get the caliper up and out of the way...and the old pads out, I am unable to get the piston in the caliper to retract ...so I can install the new pads ?

I've tried the traditional C clamp method, and I tried using leverage with a flat screwdriver, and also opening the bleeder to relieve any potential brake fluid pressure...but I can't get the piston to retract more than about a 1/16 of an inch ?

I'm thinking that my problem may have something to do with the emergency brake, but I'm not sure.

Is there a trick to resolve this ?

Thank You.

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You have to get a big pair of grips & screw the piston in, sorry cant remember if its clockwise or anti clockwise!

Hope this helps :)

Be carefull not to damage the dust seal :thumbsup:

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Rear pistons ned to be screwed back in .. fronts can be pushed ..

I have a .pdf file from the workshop manual .. pm me with your email addy and I'll pass it on.

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