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1st Gear Shudder


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Hi All,

I'm driving a 95 ST205 Celica - when starting off in 1st gear, I noticed that the gearknob sometimes shudders a bit - doesn't happen in any other gears.

Any ideas ? Does it need an adjustment or is it on the way out !! ? !! :rolleyes:

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hummmm, doesnt sound good if it shudders enough to notice.

Generally if you do sit in gear at the lights you do get the vibration from the engine and when you move you will get the feel of the engine pushing.

If may be you clutch is rubbing a bit, this could be either the pedal is in need of adjusting or the clutch needs replacing.

Either way its always a good idea to take it to an expert. :thumbsup:

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Thanks GT4 - Will have to take a look around the place and see if there are any gearbox specialists around here - my own mechanic is excellent but he's also the kind of bloke that doesn't understand why small things like this annoy me !!! :D

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