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Please Help To Diagnose Abs Light That Stays On


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Hello to everyone on the forum , I just bought 93 Geo prizm Lsi with 118K miles for $1000.

I have been looking for relible used car for my wife and I came across this deal I could not pass - the car rides great ( I own 97 nissan maxima se) and geo rides just as good.

The only problem is the ABS light that stays on -

I'm suspecting one of the sensors gone bad , or it could be something else - please respond with any ideas or links for information

I have a decent mechanical knowledge , but ABS system is sometimes past home mechanic's scope.

thanks again


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also is there a way to pull codes from the ECU , on my nissan i turn the selector screw on the ECU and watch the check engine light blink , series of those blinks give me ECU codes, is the a similar way to pull codes from 93 geo prism Lsi ???

thanks in advance

Nick. :thumbsup:

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I have a friend who has a new Mitsubishi Pajero V73 which ahd the same problem.

In fact, the ECU was reporting that side airbags were faulty, when the car did not have any!!!

You may have to replace the ECU here.

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Hello happy93geo,

Geo Prizm is basically a Toyota Corolla thus mechanically they are similar. However, I have no experience in fiddled with the Prizm, I wonder whether you can locate the diagnostic socket under the bonnet?

Usually, when the ABS light is on, it's the speed sensor or faulty actuator but it is best to find out what code is stored on the ABS ECU first. And yes, there is a way to pull the code out like you did with your Maxima but I need to know whether there is a diagnostic socket in the engine bay.

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