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Yaris Speakers


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My wife has a 2003 Yaris T-Sport and the standard Speakers leave a lot to be desired.

ATM, there are only Speakers in the front of the car - tweeters in the dash and midrange in the front doors. The fader fades between the tweeters and the midrange units (which is a bit crap).

How easy is it to rewire the setup so the front Speakers are the tweeters and midrange units and then add some 6x9 (or similar) to the rear parcel shelf for some oomph.



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not tweeters on the dash mate. there 4" Speakers, 5" in the doors.

top dash Speakers are easy as pie to redo. the doors.... are absolute ubikers. lots of cutting bits up and impossible angles.

and about 6x9s.

i hate them. coaxial Speakers sound so much clearer. 6x9s are too loud and not clear (compared to coaxals) and they pull your sound stage behind you. (should be in front). ill tell you how to do the doors and that if you like mate. but you wont have the standard speakers afterwards. you have to do alot of modifying to the standard ones. lol. you also need a rivet gun. a big one. rivots about the size of a 2p are good. and you will loose your temper at least 3 times doing the wiring on the doors.

PM me if you want details.

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I have to disagree on the doors....

Take the door cards off, drille the three rivets that hold the standard builds into the door - take these out and save the complete units.

You are left with a hole in the door and three mounting holes. make mdf spacer and bolt it to the holes in the door, then mount your speaker in the mdf spacer.

Getting the wires through the door grommets - un fasten the door grommet at each end - streighted out a coat hanger and feed it through, tape your wires to the end and pull them back through. Just make sure you get them the rtight side of the glass supports. I got two big speaker cables and 6 lengths of electrical cable through each side so there's plenty of room.

When your mounting the Speakers, keep trying the windows and make sure they dont catch - depth to the glass is the main problem!

Good luck mate! I've had 5" JL's in the doors, and 6" MB Quarts so good setup is achivable - one thing i will say while you have your door cards off is use a good couple of rolls dynamat on each door, a load of foam seal on the bits that rattle and your doors will be a lot quieter, and wont rattle and have that problem where people move the window up and down to stop the rattle.



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