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Pictures Of My Little Car


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Finally got a new avatar today, spent about 5 hours cleaning and polishing my car so I thought i'd take some pictures while it's still clean :D

For those who haven't seen my car (it's pretty standard but for the wheels) here it is;



this is the de-badging job, you might also see a little trolley nick in the rear bumper that i still haven't attended to :(


and this is to show how high the yaris sits on the rear springs!! not for long though, soon as I get it lowered i'll post the before and after pics together to help anyone else thinking about lowering their car too :)

and that's about it really :yes:


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lol cheers guys, the amount of time i spent on it is sad i know, but this is what happens when you have been off college for 3 months... will do just about anything to pass the time :lol:

at least I got another avatar :thumbsup:

i'm scared to drive it now though incase a fly hits the grille :P :D :arrgg-matey:


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did that yesterday.

spent all morning cleaning and polishing it. drove down the road and the water main is broken. so the road was like a river.... spash splash later it looks like ive been rallying :ffs:

and sam mate, a subtle little spoiler on the back of that and it will look better than it already does. i like the way standard yaris' look.

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Very nice mate - I have to agree with you and Rick, as I often spend a whole day out on the drive with my YSR and clean every part I can reach! Have to say that flies are my biggest enemy and wish that there was some sort of repellent I could cover my bonnet in! LOL

Those lowering springs will make the world of difference to handling, as I used to have a GLS and then swapped over to the SR, and noticed that it was much more fun to throw around (uprated suspension and springs)

Looks good though, and glad to see I'm not the only sad gett that gets odd looks from all his neighbours!


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There is a certain amount of satisfaction u get when ur car is finally sparkling like new again, shame it doesn't last very long :( muddy water, flies and rain are the worst :( still at least we don't get much of that in Britain...

Ryan always tells me that supaguard is the way forward, u only have to rinse it and chamois to get an autoglym polished look apparently!

Agree with you on the subtle spoiler idea Rick, would look a treat. I'm really low on funds right now though as i'm off to magaluf on wednesday and i'm about to lower it anyway... cosmetic touches will have to wait a while :D

Can't wait to test the new springs by the way pav, i'm doin it for the looks if nothing else to be honest cos it just looks ridiculous all the way up there on the back springs!

I don't really have any neighbours pav, so I can sort of get away with it lol :lol:


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