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Wanted Corolla Sportivo Bodykits In Melbourne

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hey guys

i m looking for a corolla sportivo bodykits in melbourne.

anyone of u just got them fitted on ur corolla hatch?

pls let me know the prices and contacts

yeah...and one more thing, how much u guys bought ur t-sport corolla in melbourne, i wana know the price and contact as well. i might be buying one soon or later. (RRP $29900). :hokus-pokus:

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Well body kits are hard to find I dont think you need to change much on them unless you want your car to look like a typical "riceboy's car". The only option you need to add on the current kit is the rear skirt, and if you "SLAP" on sum rims and "DUMP" it, it will be "FULLY SICK MATE" :lol: .I brought mine for just under $25K including paint protection coz she's black in colour. Only advice mate is, if you choose black BE PREPARED TO WAIT. Ive been waiting that long that i'm honestly loosing interest. I just got a small Akita puppy to keep me occupied for now :group-cuddles: so F:censor:K the car, when she gets here, she gets here. And F:censor:K toyota Australia for importing them from SA, im pretty sure we have enough space in Altona to make them.

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