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Would you say that an engine that was tuned to take 100 octane fuel would pink if it was used on normal unleaded fuel?

notice when foot was down it pinked a couple of times

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assuming ya motors an import then yes any over average RON is ya best bet ie optimax cos it works out the same as using regular juice witht the additives


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here is some interesting info from TIF forum thanks to Mycroft

Fuel ratings


90----- 83------ 86.6

92----- 85------ 88.5

95----- 87------ 91

96----- 88------ 92

98----- 90------ 94

100--- 91.5---- 95.8

105--- 95------ 100

110--- 99------ 104.5

We in the UK use RON others PON

OPT with a (debateable) Oct of 98.6 RON is 95 PON.

SUL with 97 RON is 93 PON

The US use mainly PON

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recently on holiday in zante (greek island), i noticed that Shell petrol stations have a fuel called V-POWER which is 99.7 RON.

how come they get near 100 RON fuel and we dont?!!!! grrrrrrrr

so much for standardising europe!

also, i didnt see one damn car worthy of any good fuel whilst out there!

should we petition Shell? just a thought? <_<

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another fact by Mycroft

The important thing to remember is that Power is not Octane. Calorific value = Power.

2 examples


Calorific value gives max power output available at 400hp, but due to its Octane rating of 95RON the max you can get from it is 310hp.


CV gives MPO of 370hp, Octane rating is 110RON the max you can get from it is 340hp

Japanese fuel has a high Octane but has a lower CV than the UK SUL.

The 100oct fuel in Japan is 99.4 to 100.3 MON to be called 100oct it has a CV 4.9% lower than our fuel, to better suit local conditions

The overall effect providing some little change are made to the Spark Plugs, you can run 1 grade cooler (but that is borderline) or open the gap slightly, this is the reason why I found my TT ran better with the 0.9mm gap rather than the 0.8mm as they are in Japan.

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steve you're wasted here, you need to work for &#33;Removed&#33; NASA! phew!

perhaps at santa pod after a few mind altering substances you could run this fuel rating stuff by me again?! :lol:

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