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I have been looking round to do another rally couse when I came accross this site Driver Training

dunno if anyone would be up for it they do groups of 4 we could have a laugh???

Airfield Limit Driver Training

The structure of the course is adaptable to the specific needs of the customer.

The aim is to coach the most out of your car and yourself, to increase your confidence.

The course can cover anything from the fundamentals to the high performance

racing techniques.

Some of the topics available are:

The use of the controls, smooth acceleration, modulated braking, rotational steering, cornering, balancing the car on the throttle, the use of trial braking, trail lifting, understeer, oversteer, lift-off oversteer, gear changing, heal and toe, skid control, spin avoidance and control techniques....

....to name but a few, along with some of the more entertaining, rather than

educational, manoeuvres.

No one will be asked to do anything they are not happy with, except leave at the end!

The course has to be conducted in a safe controlled manner to ensure safety and enjoyment.

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Where is it at, I couldnt see an address. thats a belting price if you can get four of you! I have friends who have been on rally days and stuff, they say the driver/tutors are great, they always get you to push that little bit harder than you can handle just to see what happens :thumbsup:

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Yeah I know what you mean. I'd love to have a go, just to see what both me and the car are capable of.

I'm always tempted to take my car on the runway at work just to see what it's capable of in a straight line, but I'm sure my P45 would be waiting for me when I got to the other end :fear: . I was being told about someone who tried it once, they couldn't sack him quick enough!

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Tht doesnt sound too bad. Going up to scotland for a weekend maybe?

Nicola: As much as i'd love to try out what my 2 is capable of, i'd prefer to practice in some1 elses car, just so i dont break nething :)

I can always then practice in mine on MY private roads, lol. :D

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