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Alloys For Sale

Maxed Corolla GTI

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I have just changed the wheels on my car for some 17" chrome wheels..........which means my old wheels are for sale!

They are not in brand new condition, they have been kerbed slightly and scratched. One of the tyres is completly bald and would need changing, the other tyres are fine.

These alloys look great on most cars......especially the Corolla GTi, which I had them on. The tyre size is 195 / 45 / 16.

the PCD is 4 x 100

and the offset is around 35...38

I am looking for around £180 for them. Please drop me a line if you interested.

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thanx for all the interest with the wheels, and my apologies for taking so long to reply. My internet has been unusable at home due to a faulty telephone connection! so im getting that sortec. I will get my Digi Cam out and take some pics of the wheels this weekend so y'all can have a look. I also have a couple pics with the wheels on my car which look quite nice. I will post them on here aswell.

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