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New 17" Alloys

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I recently have put some 17" chrome wheels on my Corolla. I previsouly had 16's on there with a drop of 40mm. In order to get my 17's on nicely i got the arches rolled by R - Tec (cost me a fair bit! )

However when the wheels was getting fitted i was told by the garage that my track rod end on the drivers side had gone. I am getting a kind of knocking sound when I am turning. I am assuming this is because of my broken Track Rod End?? Another garage said that it might be the driveshaft...but i dnt understand that cos with 16's on there b4 i had no problems and no knocking.

Does anybody know anything about this or what is causing the sound? im taking the car to the garage on monday to get is checked out properly, but would like to know if anyone has had similar problems?

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You have to be more specific on the noise mate. I hear thumps on the drivers side sometimes(still on 16's) and i dont know what it is, it's like a suspension or something in the strut area, and also if i push the clutch all the way and pull back fast it make a clunck.

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Not wanting to sound a prat but have you checked the wheel nuts are tight , my wife took her Cav****r in for tyres and the pillock mechanic forgot to tighten up the wheels :o I was well ubiked off and when I confronted the guy who done them he said"Its happened before and it will happen again" not with any more of my cars matey....

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dnt worry mate, that did happen to me once when the wheel nuts wasnt tight!! Luckly it was on a crap Golf and we sorted it when we knew what happened.

I went to the garage to have another word, they go it could be my cv joint. but i doubt that cos they were fine with my aother alloys. So they have a feeling it could be rubbing against my calipers! they goin to check the car out fully when i have more time.

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if the wheel is rubbing against you calipers it will sound like a machine gun at speed and you'll be able to see very clearly and your wheels will be %$(ed by now.

if it happens whilst turning its probably your wheel bearing giving out, jack the wheel up and wobble the wheel top and bottom there should be no movement.....

If its coming from the rear check your lateral arm bushes and trailing arm bushes, mine went shortly after fitting 17's wierd eh ? i replaced mine with some superflex ones and its fine now :)

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