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ok, from what i read of it - if your shipping stuff from the USA & mark it as a gift your free from import duty.... i know you still have to pay VAT - but is that Gift part right??

whats stopping me getting a few parts shipped over from the USA & asking them to mark them as gifts?


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im not really avoiding tax - if someone can tell me where to find out how much tax ill be paying that would help...

id like to know the full price of something im buying so i dont get any supprises when it comes thru..


Take the cost of the product on the website ($A). Depending on which state it is, add between 13 and 17% sales tax for the US tax laws (say 13% $A*1.13 = $B). Then add the cost of shipping ($C). So total cost of item, $B+$C = $D

Convert to pounds, $D/1.64ish = £E

Then add UK import duty @ 10%, £E*1.1 = £F

Then VAT on all of that @ 17.5%, £F*1.175 = total cost.

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Remember how powerful Custons & Excise are.....

They have the power to open & investigate ANYTHING THEY LIKE. So they can tell what is what and they know what to look for from certain companies and people who send stuff regularly......

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