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Vsc, Trc Off, Engine Malf Lights All On

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new to this forum

bought D4d 2.0 Diesel T3 Toyota Avensis last week ODO 119000 On the clock one owner company driven

at first test drive i found there was some air noise( probably an air leak) coming from passenger side which disappeared as soon as i lowered the passenger side windows few cm down

then yesterday that air sound moved to right hand side ( towards driver side) while i was driving on M1

Ohh forgot to mentioned the steering wheel feels slightly heavier .. is it normal on this car or could be an issue..?

then later yesterday evening EML light turned on i contacted the seller asking what this could be..?

car is now left in the nearest garage to get tested dont know what code comes over

expecting not to be an ECU fault which might cost fortune..!

i read somewhere this could be an air leak which has triggered the O2 Sensor thinking its Oil issue

i also checked the fuel tank cab was locked properly without any air

i assume this is normal on these cars..?

any one ever had this issue before..?


the local garage have told me just now that the code is coming for glow plugs, upon my inquiry they have told me that in the past people have come up with the same error once glow plugs are replaced the light is gone,

any one can throw any light on this if some one have experienced any issue like this in the past


The plug was replaced with Bosch branded and the light is gone

Cost me only £40 for the whole job

Will keep everyone updated

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We have an Avensis 2010 D-cat (not many in Ireland) and when you make a tight turn, crank on the steering wheel, the whole dash panel lights up with warnings: Brake pads, Engine light. VSC ect... also a slight hesitation in the wheel ..then lights go off over time. Local mechanic run fault test, nothing. Haven't gone to main dealer over cost. Was hoping to sort ourselves if possible. Ideas other than 'don't turn the wheel so tight' ?


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My 2005 d4d 2.2 avensis has the three warning lights on - Vsc, trc off, eng management.  It does seem like it’s related to the glow plug as it does have starting problem occasionally.  Is changing the glow plug a job that can be done without any specialist tools and quite straightforward?  Or should I leave it up to the experts?

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I have a 55 plate petrol Avensis and the VSC, TRC and Malf lights started coming on intermittently some while ago. They now don't go out at all when the engine is running but I've been driving this way with no problems for months. My local garage suggested Lambda sensor but didn't seem in any way concerned

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