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Economic Light On The Dashboard


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hi all

my dad's avensis had done almost 70,000 trouble free miles, just came across the first one. i hope its something really simple.

Just came back from motorway and reailse the economic light on the dashboard had stopped working, (usualy on when he is on the motorway) When we got home, we let the engine run but the car is parked up, the light is not on either. Any idea why this is happening?

I hope it's something simple like the bulb is gone/ fuse. It's raining and dark out there now so will have a look tomorrow morning.

Any help appreciated.


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My light has not worked for some 3 years - Mr T told me not to worry about it as just a indicator for max mpg. About 2 months I hit a curb at a relative low speed and hey presto the econ light works again.

If only the same applied to the sunroof and internal light !!

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Definately the bulb. Try tapping the area first to see if it comes on again. Quite easy to change yourself, don't pay a $tealer!

You can get the bulb replaced at a toyota dealer for £0.50 (parts) + £50.0 (Labour) and not forgetting VAT :o

Exactly, what a rip off! If anyone in Kent needs theres changing - I'll do it for free, please please don't pay anyone to change the bulbs in the speedo. It's so easy to do yourself.

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