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Automatic Transmission


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Hey ppl, just got my first supra! Damn it's nice.

MKII from 84' with automatic transmission, only problem is, I had a lot of questions about the whole AT thing I forgot to ask, in my eager to get going in my supra :-D

I'm guessing you ppl can answer for me:

L and 2, what do they meen??

When should I use P and when should I use N, and what's the difference??

On the centre console is a button with "norm" and "pwr" what does it do??

It's not that I can't guess what letters and words stand for, I just don't know what they do....



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Hi and welcome to the club:

L = low gear, i.e. 1st

2 = 2nd gear

These are for when you want to either creep around, or just generally have some manual control over the box..

Use P to Park, N should only be used if the engine is running.

Norm means the auto box will function normally, PWR is power mode, which means it will go up to the read line before changing up, and when you floor it, it will perform a double kickdown.

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nice! thanks, just what I was looking for :-)

One more question - the overdrive function, I mostly got the hang of it (I think) when it says "overdrive off" in the dash it does the kickdown, but when overdrive is on it doesn't do the kickdown ... or ????

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late reply here but I've been away :-)

first off thanks for the replys so far.

next, I was wondering about the 'N' function, whats it good for? Do I switch to N when waiting at a red light, to spare the breaks, or what's the point of that gear?

Regards, Martin

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righty, next question - races.

I suppose to make a quick start with an auto. trans. you would need to switch to N, Rev it up and then back in D when the light turns green - am I right on that? Or would I just wreck the gearbox?

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you'll wreck the gearbox..

Quick start - foot hard on brakes, foot back on accelerator, revs will raise, wheels may break traction .. release brakes.

The engine will have enough grunt to overpower the rear brakes, with good timing and rev control and get you a fast launch... in theory at least. Dont hold the revs for more than two or three seconds, and dont do it too often in short succession, as you'll cook your ATF.

Also, do a *full* ATF change (not just a sump change) as its probably never had one ..

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