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Wheel Paint


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:huh: can you all help i want to paint the brake callipers but when i looked there is rust between the alloy wheel and the brake disc should i use hammerite on it ? gray or silver? and why does it rust like that?

thanx all need help asap :hokus-pokus:

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Hammerite works fine on the hubs, I used Quick Silver, been on for over a year, and the rust hasn't come back, and they look much better. to get a nice smooth line...paint just onto the disk where the pads make contact. After it's dried...go for a spin...and after a few foot on the middle pedals...it's rubbed the excess paint away, leaving a nice smooth finish. ( braking perormance may be affected slighty for the first min)

You can't use Hammerite on the calipers though...as these tend to get a little on the hot side, and the paint won't last too long.

You need to get some heat resilient paint, and using a Spray paint will yeild better results than the old brush.


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I wanted to do my red...even got the paint...but my TS is Thunder Grey...and it didn't look quite right...stood out to much if you see what I mean, but it looks the dogs with a Black motor!

Hammerite is good stuff...give it two coats and you'll be sorted for years.

Naff though isn't it, that Toyota couldn't get this right first time, espeically with alloys the rust stands out a mile...and it's not as if the surface rust takes a year or so to develop...it's there in like weeks!

I've ordered one of those "titchy" arials about 5 inches (claims to give the same reception...we shall see).... the standard one is why to long. At least with the T£ they got this right by mounting it on the rear...looks much better.

It will be my first mod! I want the induction kit, and zorst, as well as lowering a little more, but sodding dealers will void the warranty...ah well...only a year to wait!


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