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Turbo Timer Question...


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If you have an alarm you need to either

1. Set it to self arm after the time you set on the Turbo Timer

2. Sit in the car and wait for the timer to finish

3. Get a Timer option built into the alarm.

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Turbo timers can possibly invalidate your insurance as well. Apparently its against the law to leave your car unmanned whilst its running regardless if its locked or not. Insurance views it as increasing the chances of an attempted break in eg if a wannabe thief sees your car burbling away he wont know its on a timer. Instead hell think hes hit the jackpot and will be more likely to get up to no good.

I have a turbo timer lying about as it couldnt be fitted with my alarm bah. It was installed by the previous jap owner but they dont need alarms in japan so this is never an issue <_<

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I was gonna ask Father Christmas for a turbo timer, i know the general concept behind them e.g letting the turbo cool down. Some people say you should always have one as it helps save stress on the turbo but i dunno if its a real must. Id miss what sounds good when im late for work though "Oh I was just letting the turbo cool down!"

I was gonna gonna play safe and opt for Blitz cos i dont really know what to look out for??

Is it a matter of prefrence or its there a real difference involved when buying one??

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There are 2 styles .. one wires into your ignition loom and keeps the engine running for a pre-set time with the keys out.

The second also wires into your rev/speed loom and sets the timer itself depending on how had you drive.

As long at it fit's an MR2's loom, there isn't a problem.

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