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Induction Kit


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does anyone know if there is a guide on how to install a k&n induction kit on a rev1 mk2 mr2?i.e which clips to take off and how to take off air filter. I had a look and i can see the air filter, but theres another little box firectly above it, and another one jus to the left of it. anyone know wot these are for??

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I can't even remeber what i did exactly m8 as it was a while back.

But it's really simple to do, i started off by comparing bit that where linked to the stock system, then having a look c as to where they led to. If its wasnt joined to nething else it got yanked off simple as that.

Well nearly...

some of the bolts were rusted so i couldnt get em off, but luckily the plastic bits holding the stock system had a slice cut into em. Like this () but with the bottom bit joined and the top able to come apart. So i twisted and turned these little F*****s!! till they came off, simple :)


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