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Dumb Questions For A Newbie


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...so i need some help!

i got the 1.0 vvti 3 door

and i got the standard radio/cd player

i was wondering:

-what the hell does pushing in the volume button do????i just cant figure it out!!!

-do you think that if i went to my local toyota hide-out and asked for a rear wing(default toyota one) could they fit it?

and any idea of the price?

-when i drive really slowelly(i mean about 0.5mph) my wheels scream ,its the same kinda sound as if your brakes

need a change but the weird thing is im not braking!advice?

-i see these pics on the web of custome interiors,you know, different colour dashs and stuff like that,who makes em?or do i have to spray it???


sorry about the spelling!but for some1 who never took an english class in his life...its not all that bad is it? B)


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1. the volume button is one of life's great mysteries, no one knows what happens when you press that button, legend has it that it gives u a 2 and a half bhp increase ;)

2. Yes of course they can fit it, expect to pay about 160 quid plus.

3. No idea on this one, get a 4 wheel allignment done, other than that... don't travel below 0.5mph!

4. Several people make these carbon fibre style dash boards... can't give you much more info on it though sorry!


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they will do a new rear wing and it will cost a lot more than £160 mines in now havin a new rear 3/4 after someone took a dislikin to my car and decided to redisgn it. so ive been 2 weeks without my car! :crybaby: for a new rear wing, and to paint it, and touch up the side skirt and rear bumpers its coming to £1400

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Breaks and thrown away from the discs when driving, so only driving very slowly from start off...they will still be in contact with the disc to some extent....shouldn't make a noise though.

you say its second hand...what state are the pads in?

Thanks for the tip on the volume knob! she really flies now, you certainly notice that 2.5bhp increase.

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lol,you almost had me there,with the volume nob!

i couldnt tell ya what state my breaks right now but ill give them a look

sat-nav hey...hmmmmm....well then tell me is the sat-nav just connected to the radio or would i have to change da radio?

cuz if its all set up for the default sat-nav i might look into buying one!

oh wait a minute wouldnt i need to get a receiver put on the top of my car(triangly thing)???

hmmmm....how big a job would it be?and does it use that small lcd?not very practicle!!! <_<

well the wing isnt too expensive,but i might aswell get a nice one when i get around to get a really body kit for my baby!

ho! and one last thing,who makes does cool,...ah...what are they called again...huuuu....the metally things check out the pic!...damn how do i ad a pic damn it...anyway theyr the metal things put where the door opens,you get them allot in bmers and benzes!


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