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Metric Sump Plug Sizes.

Karma Supra

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All be it a pretty boring one :lol:

Right, through out the entire toyota range, there are 2 standart sump plug sizes. err a bigger one and a smaller one :lol: now I know the 7M-GTE engines have the bigger one its got a 19mm head and a similar sized thread, so M19 ish...

does anyone know what M number the smaller sump plug is?? think off the top of my head its a 14mm headed nut, and about M14 ISH at a guess?????

fed up of looking at a disconnected oil temp guage and decided to finally do something about it... without drilling the block or intercepting turbo oil ways :lol:

One other thing... oil temp sensors... are they all the same "rating" I have a 80-150 CIA guage, does it need a specific rated sensor to be accurate, or are they all standard??????

I can totally rebuild a supra, get me into the electronics... and I'm shafted :lol::lol::lol:

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If its a 14mm head on the plug then the thread will be either 8 or 10 i'd say. Likewise with the bigger one then it's probably a 14 or possibly 16 thread. You will always have some flat area sticking out from the thread to apply pressure to the sump plug washer. :bookworm:

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that what I thought... to "think so's" has got to be worth one "100% yes" :lol::lol:

ta :hokus-pokus:

I could just MEASURE it with vernier calipers... but that would mean new oil :(

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