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I Now Want A Golf


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Just a VW bug to go to the grocery's. :P

Does it run with unleaded or regular gas? :lol::lol::lol:

Hell its a good job!!!. I like it very much, because I like engines, but... the fun of making a car faster and stronger is to compete with others, isn't it? There would be 2 or 3 other vehicles to race it and smell the smoke of the exhaust. ;)


Coyote from BA


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well i like golfs! :P

until recently, my family had a 150TDI chipped to 190bhp with 300lb/ft of torque. as an everyday car, i preferred it to the scooby we had.

and, about 10 years ago, we had a MkII GTi, which my dad really liked (apart from the horrible steel wheels).

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Had a Current model (quite far up the range B) ) TDI for a hire car a while back, belting belting engine, not a great fan of Golfs in general, but the setup on that is supreme! can be interesting for a bit of motorway playtime!!

The current Golfs bodywork and general shape however (in my opinion) were styled by the guy who invented button moon!!! ie this was his next character the dumpster (bin)

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I think you cant get better than the GTi mark 1 and 2. So much more character than the later version golf gti's. I think they look better than the Mk 3 and 4 as well.

Later Golf's are quick but dont have the same feel........ GTi's are no longer raw. Suppose that goes for all new GTi's not just the Golf the Pug 206 180bhp is an example.

Just my opinion. :thumbsup:

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so get the ibiza 1.9TDI 130bhp as standard, chip it to 190bhp and 300torque!

that will take off with wings! imagine the torque steer!!!!

that golf of ours used to wheelspin in 3rd in the wet :D it maxed out at 146mph :lol:

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