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Celica Heater Exchange


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A mate of mine is looking to buy a Gen 5 Celica.

There is a problem with the heater exhange and water is leaking into the car.

1. What is a heater exchange?

2. Are they expensive to fix?

3. Is it a DIY job or garage only repair?

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More commonly known as a heater matrix, this is a small radiator that goes next to the heater fan & thus allows heat inside the car.

Had to change one once on a gen5 GT4 :censor: what a pig of a job! :crybaby:

Had to strip the whole dash out to get to the strengthening bar that goes across the back of the dash in order to loosen it off & get the matrix out!

A bit easier if the car hasnt got aircon. From memory a new unit from Toyota was £200+ :eek:

But there are companies out there who make pattern parts.

Good luck Gordy!

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More than likely your friend is talking about the heater core. This also went bad in my 6th gen as well. there is a temporary fix he can do, that is to bypass the heater core all together by connecting the 2 hoses that run into the heater core at the firewall in the engine bay. (i wish i had pictures to show). but to replace the heater core is a real pain in the :censor: you have to basically take the whole dash apart and then you have to take apart the housing that hold the heater core inside. if your friend isnt mechanically inclined id suggest that he go to a garage to get this done


He could spend 5 minutes and bypass it all together...only thing is...you would be cold!!! :yes:

..I bypassed mine (back when i had the 7afe)..but then again i live in florida.....and we rarely turn on the heat in our cars here.

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