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Re: Hid Light Conversions


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Hi guys although this is my first post, i have been reading these forums for quite a while now

i have had my 1991 paseo for a few years now and it runs great with some minor mods

(pity no a/c rofl)

however the headlights seem to pee me off a bit at night... i want something really really bright and came across HID kits..

they rate well however comes with a big price tag, i was wondering if anyone has done this conversion? is it worth it?

OR, are there any other alternatives to modding my headlight to make it brighter, bit of colour (blue tinge) to it also?

i am based in melbourne australia, but i have found on the net some bulbs called sylvinia silverstars? claiming to be near HID range, anyone else have heard of these?

oh and the other minor question would be if anyone know the cost of adding an a/c system to my car?

melbourne summer is bit hot (37 yesterday rofl)

cheers and hope to get some feedback!


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Welcome to the site mate :thumbsup:

Think it would be a bit expensive to add A/C. You can get retro fit kits but not sure on price or whether you'd need to change other things (alternator etc) Could be cheaper going to a scrap yard and tryin to find a higher spec model and gettin all the bits off that?

No need for it here, was -3 when I went to work this mornin :(

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hey guys thanks for the fast reply!

with the a/c i will try to call a few wreckers and see... is the a/c unit the same with first gen and second gen paseos?

and with the headlights... gonna take mine to autobarn and check it out.. they have many types of bulbs (like the philips one mentioned above) - but i think i will pass on the imitation HIDs... heard a few crappy reviews on them...

anyone here's done any headlight mods?

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Hey welcome to TOC.

I can recommend the Philips kit if you can get it over there. The sidelights have a really nice blue/ice white effect & the mains are much stronger. Note my avatar pic was taken before they were fitted! :thumbsup:

As for the A/C your car is a Gen1 so best to look for one of those as a donor.

Don't forget to check out our sister site - TOC Austrailia if you haven't already. :)


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but i think i will pass on the imitation HIDs... heard a few crappy reviews on them...

anyone here's done any headlight mods?

I've done a Cynos headlight swap and some new bulbs, nothing like an HID conversion, but I have to say, I feel your pain on the dim stock lights, but better bulbs did the trick for me. I just put in some APC bulbs I got off kidturbo, and now I have plenty of light. I wouldn't advise going with the HID swap to be honest, that's hundreds of dollars for more light than you truly need, when those silverstars you mentioned would be plenty, and a lot cheaper. I would have to say just get some good bulbs.

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happy new year all!!

hey sorry for the late reply cos i was overseas (taiwan) for a bit,

but in the end, i couldn't get the silverstars :P

so i ended up with philips DiamondVision bulbs instead

and dare i say these little babies rock!!!

not quite as bright as i had hoped for but the light has a very subtle blue tinge to them

very reflective on signs and road markers - only thing is its meant for offroad use only :P

but i drove them behind a cop for about 15kms and they didn't pull me over so :)

but i did dip them a bit more than my old lights just incase i might blind a few people !! hehe

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