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Yaris Rally Car For Sale

Matthew Slade

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I have a World Cup Rally prepared Yaris for sale.

I have all of the components to turn it back to a standard car and numerous spares.

The car has competed in two World Cup Rallies with good results.

The car is chipped, caged, has uprated suspension, sump and tank guards, bucket seats, terratrip, group N exhaust and lots more.

The car was first registered in April 2000, and it has covered 20,000 miles.

PRICE = £4250

Pictures of the car can be found at:


I can be contacted at:


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Thanks for your kind words, is there anywhere else I can advertise the car as it needs to go quickly?

The car has been prepared to full international rally standards. The car is fitted with adjustable Eibach Suspension throughout, Sparco seats and four point harnesses, the car has race spec brake pads, it has been chipped with a Link ECU, it has a Group N exhaust, it is fitted with a Gartrac Rollcage etc.

The car is priced to sell and comes with all of the components to return it to a road car. THe car was built originally specifically for rallying and as such it does not have power steering.

The car must go as it is now taking up valuable garage space.

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Its that time of year dude, im trying to sell my gt4 and havent had any interest at all.

People arent in the buying mood at this time, come january though and people have some christmas money burning in their pockets :lol:

Im lying low until january and then im gonna attack the autotrader with a full big size b4$tard of an advert to reel in the buyers :lol:

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shame ya not breakin it!

You are joking, right? :wacko:

This car was professionally built from new, I have not done this conversion myself. The car is very very competitive and has had several very good results.


Yep, Toyota still maintain it under its full warranty and my local dealer has been very helpful indeed. They sponsored the car in the last World Cup Rally and provided all of our spares on a sale or return basis :thumbsup:

what engines it got

It has a chipped 1.0l engine

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