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Whistling Noise In 2004 Solara


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I also bought the new Solara SE V6 and the second day I had the car, it started to make a whistling noise in 2nd gear. I've taken the car to multiple Toyota Service centers and they all hear the noise, but refuse to fix it. I test drove another Solara and it DID NOT make that noise. This will definitely be the last Toyota I buy. Very disappointing. :angry::angry:

I'm now going to take Toyota to court. <_<

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"Refused" to fix it? If a car is under warranty, they cannot refuse to *try*. If you have 4 failed repair attemps, go to the lemon law form that came in your owner's manual packet. Fill it out and send it in... My guess is at that point your dealer will either get it fixed or swap your car out for a different one...

Can you give us an update on what has happened since you posted?

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Be careful about filing for Lemon Law arbitration. The arbitration process gives the dealership the legal right to refuse to work on the car. It does little to protect the consumer. The burden of proof falls on the consumer, placing a huge obstacle to getting your car fixed. Press on with another dealership if necessary, but don't suspend your warranty rights by invoking the Lemon Law, until it becomes absolutely necessary. Consider filing a complaint with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration if your defect presents an unsafe situation, because the manufacturer DOES look at these complaints. My suggestion is to shop dealerships until you find one competent to recognize your problem.

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