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Supra Style Spoiler


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Can anyone or has anyone successfully found a supra type spoiler thatll fit on the celica?

either that or possible suburu wrx type or ive seen a few mr2s that have cool spoilers on them,,

does anyone know the shop that these come from?

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Like mine? But it also has a brake light in it. £230:


My pic isnt that great (ones the bodyshop did) looking forward to doing some good ones.

Other places I was looking for kits:




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Just had a really good look at the boot on them / comparison... actually dont think there is a great deal of difference. Mine sits half on half off the edge of the boot lid and where it fits is straight - cant see the width being different either - theyre all based on the same car just the later one got a lot more curves added.

To be honest, it looks like it would go on ok. Why dont you see if they have any in stock which is likely and go try it against your motor.

I couldnt find any kits for mine and the one I got is for a '94 - turns out the ONLY diff was the fog light placement on the front but the rest fit PERFECT. I wouldnt worry too much about the spec saying its for a diff model - just go try it.

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