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4agze Cv Joint


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Does anyone know if the CV joint for the 4AGZE engine has any other applications? I need a CV joint for my 4AGZE driveshaft, i know that one form another Toyota will fit and is probably the same used across a few models. Ive been told it could be from an MR2 Turbo or a Celica GT4 ST185. Does anyone know which exact one? With Christmas around the corner im trying to get it sorted before everywhere shuts up shop.

Thanks in advance.

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I am in jamaica and i cant get a hold of any cv joints out here.

Can anyone here tell me where i can get a pair of these st 185 inner cv joints to purchase.

I have a 4agze turbocharged motor with a supercharged levin type gearbox. (MR2 type).

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On 1/5/2004 at 4:13 PM, knowlson said:

Mine cost £36 quid each had new ones fitted a month ago mate I can get you the model nuber if you still need it :thumbsup:

hello friend, could you tell me this cv joint part number? Your help is very important, thank you.

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