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Wire Feeding

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:crybaby: I need to insert a wire thru' the engine bulkhead of my 6 month old Avensis hatchback. So far have have not been able to trace the wire coming inside the car!

I am using the right side of the engine compartment rubber gommett,( it's huge and very thick!)

Any suggestions please (not rude ones!)


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if its anything similar to the Yaris which has a large gromit with an impossible amounbt of wires going thru it then if its the same it should have two 'nipples' (sorry had to add the rudeness there :lol: ) either side of the main wire thruput?

i beleive they are there to pull on to pull out the gromit but ive just chopped the top off an then fed the auxillary wires through the resultant hole?


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