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Rav4 Indicator Unit


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Does anyone else have a problem with the indicator unti on their Rav4. Mine resets itself far too quickly one right hand turns. This is a very irritating and in my opinion dangerous fault with this unit and although it has been replaced 3 times by the garage, the unit still does the same thing. In fact this last one is far worse.

Toyota UK say there is nothing wrong with it, but believe me, when you're turning right on a roundabout and the unit resets itself :censor: before you've even got half way round, this can be very unnerving and several times, I've had other cars pull out on me.

Any ideas?

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This almost certainly caused by mechanism behind steering wheel & not your flasher unit!

Have they taken your steering wheel off recently?

It will be the fact that the clock spring has not been set centrally. Ask them to reset.

To reset you have to remove s/wheel ( with front wheels in straight position ), rotate clock spring fully to right, rotate fully to left - counting number of revolutions, rotate to right 1/2 amount of rotations from above.

This should align your cancelling mechanism & eliminate your concern.

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I'm with you on this one-you indicate right to go around a roundabout, do a slight left on the wheel to enter the roundabout and the indicator turns off.

Indicate right, enter a right turn filter and the indicator turns off.

Darn frustrating. Never had it any of my previous cars. Some EU law we don't know about (don't want too much light in case it awakens a sleeping badger :blink: )

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