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Will Any Other Car Turbos Fit A 1998 Paseo


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thanks guys for the info i live in toronto canada what year and make would i be looking for to get a starlet turbo engine and would the turbo and all the piping be able to fit in the engine bay.i was thinking of moving the Battery if i found a turbo from a starlet..do they even have them here and are they easy to find..please help i need to power up my paseo..its to slow and i want to smoke them civics away..any other easy ideas for power other then spending 5gs on a turbo..thanks for the help guys talk to you later please help!!!any ideas would be great

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alright guys, i'm kinda new to this forum but with some good info for your paseo 5e engine. actually, i would personally recomend to go for the first generation paseo 5e, the 4e-fte turbo kit should bolt right on with out any mods. and a 5grand swap well thats a little to much, i got mine with everything i need for about3 to 3.5. ecu, tranny, wire harness, block, head, ct-9 turbo kit strait from japan. check out this site and youl be happy to see wut youl find, after all its not easy finding parts for our cars. oh yeah i drive a 92 tercel.

My Webpage

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i sell whole turbo kits, and shipping to ur door for $1500USD

kit includes as below

1 turbo manifold

2 ct9 turbo

3 turbo airfilter

4 intercooler

5 intercooler pipes

6 blow of vale

7 boost controoler

8 4efte ecu computer

9 wire harness

10 dump pipe

11. EMS express with on line tracking air mail

everything for $1500USD

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