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The One Thing The Last 12 Months Has Taught You


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Okay every year you learn hundreds of new things,and experience hundreds of life changing events (a bit phillosophical for me, I know).

So....whats the 1 lesson have you learnt this year that will stick with you.

Mines probably, not to get into tag-team drinking competitions on holiday, and whatever you do, dont run a tab while your doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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that every car I ever go near will go wroing, nearly insantly.

that you can;t trust anyone..

and to never never NEVER never NEVER NEVER use a company based in ringwood called universal turbos.. -unless you want to make a TV documentry on frauds and cowboys :ffs:

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dont trust people who hold knives

life is too short for bitchin

remember to make more money this year

move house

get rid of the bad people around me

find a bloody good woman!

get fit and get a black belt in Ludo!

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learnt that i should shut up quicker :(

Shame there wasn't more like that :lol:

Mine has to be..................Leave cars the way they came out of the factory, modifications will lead you down the long dark path to HELL (but alot faster :D )

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oh yeah... Oli you reminded me...

Don't let you "best mate" drive your car


he swore he was insured.. turned out he wasn't swore he'd pay me back.. then he emigrated to sanfransisco :(

girlfreind also pranged my red supra on the front bumper lol :lol:

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Never say never....

I said to a mate that i have never had a crash since i past my test 4 years ago...then... in the space of 2 weeks.. i was involved in a crash with my mums A4 and then my old Celica which i was drivin to work for the 1st time!! :censor:

even when stationary... you can still have an accident...especially with women who dont :censor: in look when exiting a car park... (mums A4 i was drivin)

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Dont buy cars without ABS, and if you do dont drive them in the rain like you do have ABS.

If your girlfirend thinks you spend too much money on your car.... get another girlfirend.

If you get drunk and a woman offers herself to you dont turn her down because you want to go and get a kebab :lol:

Women come and go, but your mates will be there forever! :)

Give your loved ones a hug now and then because you never know how long your've got left with them.

Never used www.confused.com for an insurance quote because their system quotes wrong on imports.

which brings me onto....

Never buy an import.


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1. Don't let Honda owners with replica firearms come to a meet in the grounds of a stately home.

2. Never under estimate the mental anguish and financial implications of having a wild mouse hiding in your home.

3. Raleigh don't provide a tool with their bikes to assemble them (found this out at 11pm on Xmas Eve).

4. Don't put a retail purchase onto a new credit card with an interest free balance transfer option.

5. Watching your 4 year old daughter in her school Xmas play can make a grown man cry (and costs nothing).

6. The realisation that Lexus will never bring out a Mk2 IS and even if they do I won't be able to afford it anyway.

7. My house earns more than me.

8. Gold is the way to go :thumbsup:

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that accupuncture really DOES work. :thumbsup:

dont live with backache or neckache etc. - it can be fixed (sure it costs £25 a time but the NHS is pants and it is better to pay than visit the doctors loads of times and still get nowhere).

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Hmmm, great topic Dave...

And some good answers to...

I guess the things I will take away from this year are:

Going with the flow isn't always the best idea...

There are concequeces to every action, regardless how harmless it seems...

And the most important...

Dont let your girlfriend go to another country to work...

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Never buy an import.

:lol:  :thumbsup:

Ill second that....

thats the main thing i learned - also never buy a rare import they be even worse....


I'm on my 4th jap import, I have never had any problems at all...

AS for rare ones.. car I've got nows not common, never had any problems with it ever (that are to do with the car, or the fact its an import, just that I bought rubbish turbos)

did I mention not to ever use universal turbos?

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