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Starlet Rally Information

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As i understood it the starlet sr had something to do with a rally version of the starlet being produced now i have seen a few pics but nothing much and i cannot find the sites anymore.

Now these cars can't of been factory standard can they? could be a good source of modifications i we could find out what company's supplied parts for these cars.g. better brakes etc??

Anyone know anything???

Simon :yes:

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I remember the production EP91 SR Rally when it came out. It came with a big back box and Castrols colours. I'm almost sure there where no other mechanical changes between it and the ordinary SR. It certainly shared the same brakes and engine. It was rally by name only. :(

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Yeah i had one mate but was wondering if it was actually produced because they did make one for rallying if you get me. So if one was used for rallying then they would have changed brakes etc. from the one that was released as a production version.


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